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Course 7: Top Five Office Design Trends for 2019 [see Infographic]

Mary Hazlett  By: Mary Hazlett
  Architectural-Interior Designer
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Residential design style is being infused into corporate America. The bold colors of the 1970s are making a return, complimented by monochromatic black, white and or gray backgrounds. These are among the highlights from NeoCon, one of the commercial design industry’s largest events, in Chicago.
1970s Residential Touches Inspire New Office DesignsHeld annually at The Mart since 1969, the event attracts over 50,000 design professionals to see and discuss the latest innovations.

Here are the top five trends from NeoCon,

  1. Resimercial: A hybrid of residential and commercial design, more business environments are taking their inspiration from residential spaces. Traditional office furniture is giving way to more lounge-like environments. Office spaces are incorporating designs that resemble college lounge areas to create a more casual, collaborative atmosphere.
  2. Privacy Booths: With the rise of open work spaces and collaboration areas, organizations are seeking private spaces to have conversations, meeting and teleconferences.Increasingly Popular Privacy Booths in Open Collaborative Venues
  3. Mid-century modern: The clean lines that emerged in the 1950s and ‘60s are in vogue. Simple sophistication is the trend compared to embellished furniture and office design.   
  4. 1970s colors: More office furniture and decor are favoring black, white and grey backgrounds which are off-set by rich burgundies, warm yellow hues and deep navy-blues; soft corals and spearmint greens accent much of the aesthetic as well. 
  5. Sound-absorbing components: From divider screens to curtains, many vendors are introducing products that are multifunctioning, they add design touches on walls and ceilings while also reducing noise levels. 

Throughout the course of the expo, hundreds of vendors had studios and booths on display for attendees to gather information on the various options, pricing and comfort-levels of the latest office furniture, finishes and styles. This information helps Uniland’s Planning and Design team work with clients on creating optimal workplaces for employee and business efficiency.

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Top Five Office Design Trends in 2019 Infographic

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